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Whether you need work done on television shows, movies, advertisements, training videos, live events, or some combination of all of those things, I am here to help you start and finish that process.

Below you will find several pieces I worked on with various clients, and I have plenty more based on whatever type of project you are looking to do. Please reach out so we can discuss your project, today!

All examples below are used by permission of the client and creator/editor (me!), and are solely for the purpose of work demonstration.

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Previous Projects:

Finishing Editor – Soul of a Champion: The Gil Hodges Story
Update: HE IS IN! Gil Hodges was elected to the Hall of Fame at the end of 2021, and will be inducted in 2022.  What a day!
Awards: 2022 – New York Emmy Award in the category of Best Sports Documentary

“Gil Hodges is one of the greatest baseball players who is not inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame. From his upbringing rural in Indiana to his WWII military service, from his illustrious baseball career on two coasts to his devoted family life as a husband and father, this documentary will introduce you to a true hero who deserves to be honored among baseball’s greatest.”

Content Creation and Editor – What is an ND Filter???
This video was done in collaboration with Rob Kaczmark at Spirit Juice Studios as part of the 1minutefilmschool project! He is creating a series of 1 minute videos to help explain various photography and film techniques, and I work with him to create and edit the final videos!  To learn more about 1minutefilmschool – check it out here and sign up:

Post Production Supervisor and Editor for “The Chair”
About The Chair: The chair is a documentary series, produced by DeSales Media, Castletown Media, and Spirit Juice Studios. Over the course of each 22 minute episode, viewers travel the United States to examine the history of Catholicism in America, and to learn more about the amazing cathedrals that represent those unique stories.  In my role, I had the task of helping to manage a small but powerful team of six people as we created and refined eighty+ (85) episodes to bring this show to life.

Season 1 is available on Amazon Prime Video now (

OTHER FULL LENGTH VIDEO SAMPLES (please contact me for other specific samples not seen here, or to inquire about other video or event production needs):

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