Video Editing

Current Project: Post Production Supervisor and Team Editor for “The Chair” documentary series, produced by DeSales Media, Castletown Media, and Spirit Juice Studios. Season 1 airing soon.  To learn more and see early episodes (including Milwaukee, St. Petersburg, and Rockford which I edited) visit:

I have had the great fortune to work on both large and small scale projects covering over 200 videos ranging in the styles shown here, as well as on set in various production capacities.  I look forward to speaking with you regarding how I can best be of service to your video production needs.

Work below consisted of initial and final editing, content formatting, graphics creation and overlay, color and audio correction, export for various media types, and file maintenance.

All examples below are used by permission of the client and creator/editor (me!), and are solely for the purpose of work demonstration.


Or watch it on YouTube:



Promotional Videos:

Industrial Commercials

Montage and Memory Videos

Please inquire via the “contact” page for other video production needs.